Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tip, Kick, The Catch Highlight This Insane College Football Play of the Year

And this will be the best and probably only play you ever see out of Division III football.  Knox College's Ilir Emini is great at making acrobatic kick catches while falling down when he's not swiping right on the weekdays.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon Show Their Natitudes By Getting Into Dugout Fight

It was just a matter of time before things boiled over for the 2015 Preseason World Series Champs. Displaying their "Natitude" teammates Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon got into a heated argument and then fight after Papelbon bitched about Harper not running hard to first base on a lazy fly ball to left field. It's not uncommon to see a star player dog it to first on a routine out but it's definitely not the norm for the "closer" to challenge the star player on his hustle. Papelbon rubbed a bunch of his teammates wrong last week when he plunked Manny Machado near his head after Machado went yard earlier in the game. Harper was one of the more vocal teammates to say he would be the target for retaliation for a brush back because of Papelbon being an idiot. Clearly the Washington Nationals are a giant clusterfuck this season. They were picked by everybody to win the NL East. They won't even make the playoffs. Manager Matt Williams is dead man walking and he even let Papelbon pitch after getting in the fight yesterday claiming he "didn't see it." Harper is the 22-year-old superstar who has played like a MVP this year but tends to rub some people the wrong way by his brashness. If the Nats are smart they can Williams today and release Papelbon. While Harper may not hustle all the time it's still no excuse for a teammate to go after your throat in the dugout. You handle that shit behind closed doors. Now it's up to the Nationals management to clean up the mess.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Auburn Super Fan Tammy Goes On Epic Rant on The Paul Finebaum Show

I got no words.  And you wonder why I roll my eyes every time I hear one of these SEC mouth breathers talk about winning "championships."  Tammy loves her Auburn Tigers no doubt but her Cam Newton blow up doll took a lashing Saturday night.

HT: Lost Lettermen

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Malik Zaire Crying in the Locker Room Got Me All Cutting Onions

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I didn't start getting a little emotional after watching this.  Losing your star QB in Malik Zaire to a broken ankle is heart wrenching.  Not just for the team but mostly for the player.  Zaire is the unquestioned leader of the offense and perhaps the whole team.  He puts his heart on his sleeve so to speak.  He wants to be there for his brothers and now he can't go to war with them every Saturday.  It sucks.  These past two seasons I've never seen a more snakebitten team in terms of injuries than Notre Dame.  They have already lost 5 starters for the season and it's only two games in.  That's 25% of their starters and they don't get a big break in the schedule like all the SEC out of conference games and Ohio State Big Ten schedule.  They play a legit as fuck Georgia Tech team this week followed by Clemson in two weeks and USC.

But there is only one thing Notre Dame can do to get over these massive injury casualties.  WIN.  And keep winning for guys like Zaire, Folston, Smythe, Jones, and Crawford who can't be on the field with them but are fighting for their guys on the sidelines.  Just keep on winning.

Go Irish!

South Park on DeflateGate

Well that about sums up DeflateGate perfectly.  Someone broke a bull shit rule.  Or did they?

I'm so confused I'm just going to take a nap and pretend it never happened.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

No Big Deal Just Donald Trump Throwing Out Free "Make America Great Again" Hats, Buy One Here

The Donald is right about one thing.  These hats are the hottest thing out there.

But I don't know if he's just being a constant salesperson or joking or lying but you can get these hats right now.

In fact you can buy the RED MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN HAT right here.

You can buy the original WHITE MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN HAT right here.

And in fact you can buy the NAVY MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN HAT right here.


10. FSU - For the first half there FSU fans thought they got Notre Dame's sloppy seconds as Everett Golson was struggling vs South Florida.  Golson was lights out in the 2nd half and FSU escaped the upset bid at home.  They got a tough road game at BC this week.

9. Ole Miss -  Two straight 70 plus performances vs Sisters of the Poor will get you hyped up.  Now comes the real test.  Ole Miss opens up SEC play with Bama in Tuscaloosa.  Bama owes them one for last season but the Rebels aren't afraid to compete.

8. TCU - The Horned Frogs got the offense rolling with 70 last week and face another shithole program in SMU this week.  It must be nice to play warm up games this time of the year. 

7. UCLA - Credit goes to the Bruins for playing BYU this week.  Prayers to their nuts though.

6. Georgia Tech - GT comes rolling into Notre Dame this week riding a triple option offense that has been nearly unstoppable for 9 games now.  The Yellow Jackets are in unfamiliar territory being the road favorite to a team ranked ahead of them.  Maybe they can figure out an equation to solve this problem.

5. Alabama - Huge game vs Ole Miss this week.  It's a revenge game for the Crimson Tide since Bo Wallace and the Rebels beat them last year in Oxford.  This year in Tuscaloosa expect Saban to come firing out.

4. Texas A&M - Did you know the Aggies only have 3 road games?  How is that even possible?  Those lucky fuckers get Nevada this week at home.  It should be another blowout.

3. Notre Dame - Well what can you say about the Fighting Irish other than they are surviving the game of attrition right now.  Losing starters in QB Malik Zaire and TE Durham Smythe would be debilitating for most programs but they won a hard fought road game in Virginia.  The true test comes this week vs Georgia Tech.  They are going to need to burn all the boats with the next man in philosophy.

2. Baylor - Yes they beat up Lamar.  The school that is.  Not this guy from Revenge Of The Nerds.  Fortunately for the Bears after the hard fought win they get to take a week off to prepare for the juggernaut that is Rice.  That's not gay at all.

1.  Ohio State - The Buckeyes continued their cupcake schedule with a 38-0 win vs Hawaii.  While they didn't cover the 42 point spread nor did they run the ball efficiently they still won by 5 touchdowns and a field goal.

Trick Shot Monday: Georgia Tech Week includes an actual Heisman Trophy

You think the ND boys are letting the devastating news of Malik Zaire's broken ankle get them down?

Absolutely not.

This week's Trick Shot Monday includes Johnny Lattner's Heisman Trophy.  It not only got wet but it completed the dream shot from senior captain Joe Schmidt.  Way to go Schmidt.  Now go out and beat Georgia Tech!

Friday, September 11, 2015

College Football Picks This Weekend

Marshall -3 - Just gotta keep rolling with the Thundering Herd.  All they do is beat spreads.  With that being said since I'm throwing $$$ on them they probably get their dicks stomped in.  So beware but still bet the house on them.

Oklahoma -2 - This is rather simple.  The Sooners are the better football team.  If Tennessee was in  any other conference but the SEC this spread would be double digits.  And no it doesn't matter that it's in Neyland.  The Vols still suck.

Oregon St +14.5 - Only taking this game because Michigan is just so awful covering spreads especially in the Big House.  I think Michigan wins but it will be within two TDs.  That half point hook is huge.

Temple +7 -  Don't laugh at Penn State just because they got their asses kicked last week to Temple.  Temple is the real deal.  They are a sneaky good team and their defense is legit.  They will beat up on Gunner Kiel.

South Florida +28 - The Everett Golson effect.  He had no turnovers last week which means he's due for 7-8 this game.  FSU will win but it will be within 20.

Iowa St +3 - I'm only taking the Cyclones because they are home dogs and literally everything has gone wrong with the Hawkeyes the past two weeks.

Notre Dame -13 - ND should win easily.  42-13 type game.  I'm not even going to explain.

Georgia Tech -29.5 - Tech will win by 40 points easily vs Tulane.  All they gotta do is run the ball 60 times and it won't be within 6 TD.s.