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Monday, July 16, 2007


According to Dave O'brien, an Atlanta Braves beat reporter for the AJC, the Braves are interested in bringing back Julio Franco.

Why? Franco is older than dinosaur shit and can't hit his age anymore...which translates to 245 years old in American human years. Look at his baseball card from 1990 when he was roiding with the Texas Rangers: .
You can't tell me that isn't the face of a 60 year old man right there. I know the guy is on the "jesus juice" but for heaven's sakes do not bring back Franco.

I think the Braves should make a trade for Kevin Millar if they want a veteran first baseman for the stretch run. Scott Thorman isn't getting it done and the Braves apparently aren't ready to give Jarrod Saltalamacchia the job quite yet.

So why not trade Kyle Davies for Millar?

Davies has yet to prove himself as a consistent starter and you know the Orioles would jump at the chance for a young arm for the veteran Millar. The Braves have a chance to win the National League this year if they make the right moves. Picking up Franco would not be the right move but Millar is having a good year in Baltimore and is a good clubhouse person.

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