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Thursday, September 27, 2007


My little brother Sean is considering going to USC (I know, quit the missing chromosone jokes now)to hang out, study (wink, wink) and party with a bunch of DUSCHEBAGS. I know he reads this blog every once in a while. Sean, the picture above is a warning. Do you really want to be associated with white rich kids who actually support O.J? You might as well go to Virginia Tech and start a memorial for Vick's career.

Food for thought Sean. I'm just saying.

Picture via Deadspin


Anonymous said...

i'm surprised you haven't made a dUSChebags shirt yet. i think i might buy that one. would go along great with "ann arbor is a whore" and "you can't spell trOJan without OJ". you could put your brother's face on the back if he goes there. (no offense to him, i just think it would be funny)

Matt Fairchild ( said...

I think we might have make one, without my brother's face of course. Maybe we could put a Maurijuanovich on there?