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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Goes to this supposed rumor from a "trusted source who is a New York sportswriter."
I'm sorry, I couldn't even type that last sentence without laughing my ass off. Here is how it would go down according to MLBTradeRumors:

Mets get Johan Santana, Bobby Crosby and Dan Johnson
A's get Jose Reyes and Kevin Mulvey
Twins get Dan Haren and Hector Pellot

If you haven't checked out MLBTradeRumors then I would highly recommend it for it's entertainment value. The guy who runs the site, Tim Dierkes, does an excellent job of keeping up with all the MLB beat writers and usually breaks the news on big trades or a signing before ESPN gets to it. With that being said I can't see how this trade would ever be made. First off I can't ever imagine the Mets trading Jose Reyes unless they get absolutely blown away by a package. Reyes is an absolute stud and despite his horrific stretch run in which his slump led to some Met's fans to blame him for not making the playoffs last year there is still no way I would trade him. And despite what Peter Gammons says Bobby Crosby is not a MVP type player and he is not even close to being in the same discussion with Reyes in terms of talent and performance on the Major League level. Plus I still believe Santana is going to the Red Sox they just need to iron out a contract extension with him before the trade is finalized.

But you know a trusted New York sportswriter says it so it must have some truth to it...right?

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