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Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm sure none of you knew(wink wink) before yesterday that pop singer/boner delight Jessica Simpson is dating Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo until FOX showed her shaking her big thangs in a pink Romo jersey. If you are the 5 people who didn't know or catch a glimpse of Jessica, apparently the talented one of the dumb sisters, well then here you go...

The douchebag sitting next to her is her Dad in case you were wondering. He is the type of guy who would sell his daughter as a sex slave to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones if it got him suite tickets for the Eagles game. Oh wait, never mind. It's actually kind of sweet how Romo nailed her and had his worst performance as a pro because it helped put money in my pocket. And by money I don't mean the high hard one if that is what you were wondering.

I should just go now.

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