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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Talks between the Seattle Mariners and the Orioles about a trade involving ace pitcher Erik Bedard are at a standstill.

A source familiar with the negotiations said a potential deal is being held up on the Orioles' end and unspecified complex issues still need to be resolved for the trade to go through. One of those might be Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail getting the approval of club owner Peter Angelos.

Just another terrible soul wrenching day to be an Orioles fan. Actually make it a decade. I don't know if it's completely true but it appears Peter Angelos, aka Lucifer, is again putting his slimy fingers around the Orioles organization and allowing them to sink even further into the AL East abyss. I have tried to stay away from the Bedard trade talks for the past month because there have been so many rumors and innuendo about where he was going and what he was going to bring back in trade. But this trade scenario between the O's and the Mariners seemed to be all wrapped up and ready for the dickface owners stamp of approval and yet 48 hours later we still have no deal.

If you are not an Orioles fan you might not get the shit we have to go through every season with Angelos as the owner. We have the best ballpark in the game yet we have one of the worst teams on the field because Angelos interferes more often than Michael Irvin does blow. The O's have a trade set in place with the Mariners in which Bedard who is going to leave for free agency after the 2009 season anyways goes to Seattle in exchange for an up and coming stud CF in Adam Jones and 4 other pitchers(relief pitcher George Sherrill, right-handed minor leaguers Chris Tillman and Kam Mickolio, and left-handed minor leaguer Tony Butler).

Point blank: The O's need this trade to build more high end depth in their minor league system. Whether or not they still have Bedard is not going to make them a playoff contender this coming up season. In fact they will be extremely lucky if they don't finish last in the AL East with their current roster. So trading Bedard right now while he is a hot commodity for some young elite talent is essential for the O's in the long run because they are not going to contend this season. But Angelos is apparently balking at the deal that new GM Andy MacPhail set in place with the Mariners.

This is why everyone in Baltimore hates his guts. As astute of a lawyer and a businessman as Angelos clearly is(you don't get as many hundreds of millions by pure luck) he is equally diluted with horrible baseball sense. He should let the people he hires to make the baseball decisions do their jobs. MacPhail is a well respected baseball mind who knows what he is doing. At least I hope he does. Anyways, the O's need to reload in young talent and MacPhail started the plan with the Miguel Tejada trade which brought back 5 younger players to fill holes. He is stocking up quality arms and now hopefully quality position players in order for the O's to be a contending ball club for 2010 and beyond. I repeat the O's will not contend this year or in 2009 with their current roster. But they can in the future if they make this trade with Seattle and then trade Brian Roberts to the Cubs. That is a whole other conversation.

So I am down on my knees begging Angelos to get his ugly head out of his disgusting ass and let this trade happen. Don't be an asshole Peter, do the right thing is what the dwindling hundreds of thousands of Oriole fans want. Make it right and sign off.

Or die... whatever.


Mac G said...

I totally agree. The Orioles are going to bad in 2008, very, very bad. Why put Bedard and Brob through more growing pains? The Orioles could have gotten more value out of Tejada last year.

I have ran out of negative adjectives to describe Angelos. Even Tampa Bay might finish 3rd in that division. I still go to Camden every year but spend as little money as possible on tickets and stuff inside the stadium.

Angelos has killed the baseball history in that city.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Well I'm hearing the trade offer is still on the table but we will have to wait to see what happens. Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks, the O's better have something done by then.

F U Angelos.