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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


High school football star Terrelle Pryor(pictured above) has been seen in a shiny new Corvette courtesy of a Buckeye loyalist. This according to Brian Cook over at Mgoblog. It seems like Michigan fans are already embracing the incoming storm of losing the electric Pryor due to a little NCAA rule infraction of "arch rival Ohio State supporters giving cars to entice recruits to fuck us over for another 4 years" theory. It's rumor mongering at it's best and it is sure to get ugly considering how much a player of Pryor's ability could change the fortune in the series among the two hated schools.

In other less interesting and some what who gives a rat's ass news in recruiting Florida has now replaced Notre Dame atop the #1 incoming recruiting class according to This is in large part due to a very large man switching commitments in Omar Hunter. The 5 star defensive big rig of a tackle was previously locked into Notre Dame before Urban Meyer convinced him to come down to Gainesville. All is fair in love and war but it appears that University of Florida officials are now looking into potential violations by the Liar.

Florida athletics officials are continuing to review potential secondary violations committed by football Coach Urban Meyer in his recent recruitment of junior college wide receiver Carl Moore and his girlfriend, gymnast Maranda Smith.

"We are in information-gathering mode," UF senior associate athletics director for compliance Jamie McCloskey said Tuesday afternoon. "And we're going to see where that takes us."

Two more weeks are left before National Signing Day so expect a lot of mud being thrown with a belly full of pissing and moaning from all facets of college football fans regarding decisions made by 17 and 18 year olds. And yes, I am one of them.

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all i can think of whenever i see this picture is that he looks exactly like the pimped out lebron from "the lebrons" commercials.

take a looky