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Friday, February 01, 2008


Smithwick's Irish Ale is the beer of choice this week and I must say I enjoy it's malty dark flavor. From the same brewers of big brother Guinness, Smithwick's was first brewed in 1710 and it claims to be Ireland's oldest ale. John Smitwick came up with the original recipe for the Ale almost 300 years ago in Ireland and to this day it still delivers a distinctive taste reminiscent of Guinness but not as heavy on the belly and of course not as dark but more of an amber color. If I had to rate I would put it at an 8 on the Fairchild scale and I highly recommend going out and trying it. Currently you can buy an 18 mix-pack of Smithwick's, Guinness, and Bass Ale at Costco for around $18.


Jmac said...

I first heard of this beer while in Denver about 15 mths ago - totally agree... I thoroughly enjoy it and I'm not a big fan of drinking just guiness, this is a great Irish alternative.

Hoss said...

Smithwicks is my favorite. Guinness just a bit too heavy for's plenty.

Strongbow's a nice curveball every once in a while if you like ciders, and it kind of helps clean the plate for the next group of Smithwicks.