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Friday, June 13, 2008


It's not very often a team blows a 24 point lead on their home court to go down 3-1 against the hated Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals but the Lakers managed the impossible. There was absolutely no excuse for the loss last night. Tim Donaghy did not enter that door at the Staples Center so to speak. The Lakers just flat out choked and Kobe did his complete opposite of MJ by hitting only 6 of 19 shots from the floor while scoring 17 points. You have to wonder as poorly as Kobe shot last night if his meaning of doing 20 shots of the hard stuff meant he would only hit 7 successful ones. A performance like last night deserves the almighty Jack Daniels but for some reason I imagine Kobe doing Fuzzy Naval or Sex on the Beach shots with some young cheerleader who will wake up with a sore bunghole.

Kobe included.

Ah, too be young and rich.

Video HT: Deadspin

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