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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Does this shirt really need any explanation? If you have ever run into an orange, checker wearing toolbag who happens to be cross eyed then you know what it's like to play behind center during Saturdays in the fall in Knoxville. Show your distaste for this SEC rival by purchasing this one of a kind Sportscrack shirt by clicking here.

This is the third new shirt we have introduced this week with two more new editions coming up. Be sure to check back on our store page for great shirts at great prices.


Anonymous said...

When are you going to make a t-shirt that makes fun of those morons in Athens Ga?

You must be a UGA fan since all your shirts are pro UGA....

You should make one so I'll have something to wear to the LSU game.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

We have a FUGA and Ole Piss shirt debuting within the next few days.

Unknown said...

I need this in a 4x! LOL Damn us big people dont get any love! LOL