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Monday, July 07, 2008


See how I played with A-Rod stupid nickname and made it sound like he was an adulterer? I know it's gay but so are you for reading this crap. The Smoking Gun has the complete divorce filing and it should be interesting to see how the "antenuptial agreement" is played out in court since apparently there wasn't a prenup in Cynthia's mind. I do find it hilarious she is pointing out his extra marital affairs as the reason why the marriage is "irretrievably broken" and can't be resolved. Listen lady, you married one of the richest athletes in the world who happens to be good looking dude (yes, I can admit his frosted hair gives me the tingles) who spends half the year on the road as a baseball player. What the hell did you expect? All ballplayers cheat on their wives. It's a fact.

My wife even laughed it off last night when she heard the news on the ESPN telecast. She said something to this effect: "What did she expect from marrying him!" Exactly.

Cynthia couldn't have believed he was going to remain faithful when he spends most of his time on the road in a pinstriped uniform which is guaranteed to make women melt in between their thighs 99% of the time. Granted I hope she takes him to the cleaners because it's A-Rod but I don't feel any sympathy towards her.

She knew the game. She knows A-Rod loves muscular blond female types almost as much as he loves his vision of himself. She knew that Madonna would eventually be fisting A-Rod with strap-ons in New York while she was working on her tan in Florida.

I really hate talking about athlete's relationships with their wives but this gave me a good reason to put "fisting" and "strap-on" in an article so I feel like we all win.

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