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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Chase Utley is the man. I managed to catch my first Phillies game at Citizen Bank Park on Sunday due to the huge clusterfuck of delays at Philly International that gave me and the old lady some extra time to explore the athletic side of Brotherly Love. Somehow we managed to get into the game despite it being sold out thanks to a really cool ticket usher. The place was packed and filled with cheesesteak eating loud mouths everywhere. It was great. Great to see the passion of a fanbase who actually care about the game unlike a lot of the fair weather Atlanta fans I see in Turner Field everyday. Anyways, I bought a Phillies baby blue jersey shirt with the "Utley 26" on the back because I love the way Utley plays the game. I can respect him.

After hearing him say "Boo, Fuck You" to the fans at Yankee Stadium I am now completely and Utterly in love with Chase. He had me at "Boo."

By the way, Philly was a blast. I was up there for my buddy Tobin's wedding and got to catch up with a lot of old college buddies. Nothing has changed with a lot of those guys and I love it. We killed cases of Bud Light and Yuengling, reminisced, and busted each other's balls all night. I didn't realize how much I missed all those guys and now I hope to hang out with them some more in the near future. I may not be a Philly guy but I do love all my Philly boys.

Peace out mofos.


the old lady said...

You tell 'em Chase! love it..

I know you really bought that shirt so that I can wear it while you pretend to make love to your boy Chase..

Oh yeah.. you forgot to mention the crackheads trying to bum sandwiches in that sh*t hole of a city - Trenton..

Mac G said...

Philly is a good time and a pretty good park too. Cheesesteaks rule, especially bombed. I love your wife's name.

Anonymous said...

Went to Philly back in April for a game against my Mets. Got pickles, tin foil, peanut shells, and all kinds of shit thrown at me. The city is full of nothing but assholes and i hope they never win a championship in any sport ever again. They don't deserve it,

Oh by the way they don't appreciate the game. They turned around in their seat and gave me the "asshole" chant and failed to notice D. Wright stuck out to end the inning.