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Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Sporting Blog has this video of a wide receiver from Morgan State making an insane catch against Winston-Salem State last Saturday. I'm still not sure how he could manage to grab the football so well unless he has hands the size of Shaquille O'neal or was using some serious stick em or pine tar on his gloves. Either way it's a hell of a play and one that I hope to see out of WR's Michael Floyd and A.J. Green this weekend. And I say that because I have a lot of $$ riding on it. Get it done freshmen. I would really love to keep my other pinkie toe for at least another week if you catch my drift.


Lynchmob said...
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Lynchmob said...

Matt - I came across your blog searching out a buddy with the same name. Amazing what google alerts will turn up. I am enjoying your blog daily!

Great video. How about a fantastic crash montage?