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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


With both college and pro football rocking along with the MLB playoffs I haven't had much of a chance to pay attention to the start of the NHL season. Apparently it kicked off last week in Prague because the NHL would rather concentrate on the European market than the North American. They call it going global. Whatever.

My favorite team is the Atlanta Thrashers and unfortunately they are as consistent as jock itch. They have a GM in Don Waddell who sits when he pees. They have a superstar in Ilya Kovalchuk who is a top 5 offensive player in the league yet they still can't find him a suitable point man. Kovy will be gone within two seasons because he deserves better in my opinion. The guy gives it his all and yet management can't surround him with decent pieces. They had the third worst record in the NHL last year after a season in which they won their division and made their first franchise playoff appearance only to get crushed by the New York Rangers in a sweep. I got to view it personally while spending a ton of hard earned money on shitty Molson beer when I could have watched it at home while drinking shitty Bud Light.

The games are still not in HD locally so yeah, a lot to look forward to this season. At least we picked up an aging defenseman in Mathieu Schneider who is at least 3 seasons past his prime. Things are looking up I tell ya.

In the looking good department at least they managed to put together a new "Blue Crew" team of ladies in tights skating around on a thin piece of ice while picking up hats after Kovy scores a hat trick...

At least tickets will be cheap and easily accessible again.

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