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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sometimes the breaks in life just don't go your way but don't tell that Houston wide receiver Patrick Edwards. Fast forward to the 40 second mark and be prepared for a gruesome injury that should have been avoided if the fucking band would have just moved their shit...

Having experienced the same injury my heart goes out to the guy. I can still feel the cold rush flow down my body every time the temperature goes below 60 because of the 2 titanium plates and 21 screws in my lower left leg from snapping my tibia, fibula, and ankle on the last play of...get this...a flag football game. It should have never happened much like Edward's injury last night. If only the band would have moved their equipment then Edwards would still be walking right now. And only if I didn't drink a fifth of Jack Daniels before spitting on that girl who would not give me her number as she kept running away I would still be walking normal today.

Video HT: The Big Lead


Anonymous said...

Can anybody else hear that fagget at the end yell walk it off?

Matt Fairchild ( said...

I just heard that. It must have been some drunk guy.