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Monday, January 26, 2009


Houston's Aubrey Coleman is apparently not a big fan of Arizona's Chase Budinger as the video above clearly demonstrates. I've done my fair share of fucked up things in my life but I'm proud to admit I have never stepped on somebody's face intentionally. In fact it's never even crossed my mind. But if I was Budinger's face you can guarantee that Coleman would be leaving that court with some bruises at the least. Houston was up by 12 points at the time of Coleman's ejection in the second half. Arizona came back to win in overtime. Coleman should be suspended for the rest of the season.

Seeing this replay brought back memories of the gapping Duke vagina who went by the name of Christian Laettner stepping on the Kentucky player back in 1992. If you can't recall it then take a look at this video....

See, Laettner was a dick.

Video HT: WithLeather via The Dagger

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