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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


or he is gay! Georgia's newest verbally committed recruit, Douglass (GA) High School defensive lineman Garrison Smith, is not going to chase the pooney when he gets to Athens...

"I know a lot of people will laugh at me, but I'm trying to practice abstinence," Smith said. "That's a big thing for me."

Come on Man! There is no way he means those words. Look at the shirt he is wearing for the interview. "Fighting Beavers!" The kid probably has a Black Mamba and yet he doesn't want to slay the countless amounts of ass that will be thrown his way just because he plays in the red and black? I don't get it. I hope he is joking. He has to be joking around. He points out Shaun Alexander as a role model in his fight to not fuck before marriage but Alexander was full of shit. He chased skirt all the time. I met Alexander in Vegas a few years back and he mentioned how much he loved coming to Atlanta for the women during his college days. So no need to fight the beaver. Slay it like a man!

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