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Friday, July 10, 2009


If you are a Notre Dame fan then I think this shirt needs little if any explanation. The new Hawaiian linebacker is considering taking a mission but we all know what that mission has become: DESTROY USC.

The shirt is available in navy or irish green for the low price of $17. A portion of all sales goes to the American Cancer Society. Hopefully someday we can HIT cancer hard enough to eliminate it. Thanks for the support!


Anonymous said...

There is already a "Hawaiian Hitman" shirt out in Texas, made and estblished that slogan.It's worn by Sam Fehoko's fans of Texas Tech and was made by the family. He adorned the name Hawaiian Hitman 1st, so you may wanna change yours.

Jamal Moats said...

LB Sam Fehoko: Teammates have dubbed Fehoko, a sophomore, "The Hawaiian Hitman" because of his physical style of play. The Red Raiders return all their starting linebackers, but because of Fehoko's aptitude and attitude, he figures to get playing time. He will challenge to take away a starter's job this spring.

LargeDozen wrote: Good question. We go from Crabs to Airplanes & Corn Dogs. We also have Victor Hunter as 'The Ball of Hate' and according to the 'Tech Talk' guys this week Sam Fehoko's nickname is 'The Hitman'.

Fehoko's family and hundreds of fans was wearing shirts that had "The Hawaiian Hitman" on them. He leveled Eric Ward on a crossing pattern on one play this afternoon. The ball didn't come to Ward, but he didn't have his head on a swivel and Fehoko laid him out.

Anonymous said...

manti teo started for notre dame, fehoko who ? teo played u need to play before u can hit anyone right? think about it. nowwhos da hitmam.

Anonymous said...

who the hell is fehoko?!? texASS tech plays defense??!! comeon dude, teo is the best mlb in college a JUNIOR! get your head outta your texASS...idiot

Anonymous said...

I dunno what is more absurd, a guy who doesn't play calling himself the hawaiian hitman, or you stating that texas tech plays defense