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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The Ultimate QB Tim Tebow is back and is ready to grace us with his presence for the next...oh, I'm going to say 6 solid months. Everyone will come out of the woodwork to pick and pull apart his game as he enters his senior season. But it won't matter because Tebow is the real deal. As you probably know I'm not a Gaytors fan but I do respect the competitor and leader that Tebow is. Ever since I saw this video of him on ESPN Outside the Lines of him playing in high school with a broken freaking leg I have had nothing but mad respect for this kid...

Tebow is the Chosen One and deserves the attention and praise he gets. Any team and fan would kill to have a Tim Tebow as their quarterback. He is a natural born leader who has never gotten in trouble. That is pretty hard especially in a city like Gainesville. Not one slip up. The kid has lived up to the hype. Two National Titles. One Heisman Trophy. And I have a hard time finding any team beating the Gators in 2009 because of Tim Tebow.

So get ready for the endless stories about Tebow and his mission work in third world countries and how he carries his team to victory and how he is the greatest college football player of all-time. And as a cynical as I am I am not bothered by it one bit. Tebow is the real deal. Don't believe me? Fast forward to the 2:00 minute mark of this video and then you judge him...

"You just hear the bone moving and stuff...just popping and stuff"-Tebow playing on a broken leg.

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