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Monday, August 17, 2009


Denver Broncos fans are still having a hard time moving past the Jay Cuntler era. Even kids are burning his jersey these days. How long before Chicago Bears fans do the same thing? Cutler has already managed to blame Devin Hester for an interception he threw in his opening preseason game. Never mind that he threw off his back foot and lofted a 40 yard pass perfectly into Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin hands. It was Hester's fault and there is no reason to doubt the great Jay Cuntler. I mean look at all that he has accomplished in the NFL. Ok, nothing really but he thinks he is better than Dan Marino and John Elway combined. If you were to ask me who is my #1 hated athlete right now I would have to say Cutler. I don't even like the Broncos and I hate him. The guy is just a complete asshole. He brings back fond memories of Michael Vick during his playing days. Vick would never take blame and wouldn't put in the time to get better and be a leader. But at least he wasn't a down right cry baby bitch like Cutler has been since he signed out of Vandy. His sense of entitlement is laughable. I feel bad for Chicago Bears fans. They deserve better. If Sexy Rexy can take them to a Super Bowl then Cutler better win one.

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