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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Till Jeremiah Masoli and the Oregon Ducks (PAC-10 sleeper) take on BCS killer Boise State Broncos on Thursday night in what should be a shoot out. I'm taking Oregon to win the PAC-10 this year. I just can't get over USC starting a freshman quarterback and replacing all those defensive studs even though I know they are loaded with talent just ready to prove me wrong.

We are doing another year of College Football Pick Em. Go to and sign up, pick the Sportscrack pool, and enter who you think will win this week starting with the Thursday night games. Who ever ends up with the most points at the end of the week wins a free Sportscrack shirt of their choice or you can pick any college or NFL mini helmet. The games are pick em, no spread, and you weigh the games in terms of confidence points. Last year was a success running the pool except for a couple of douchebags who bitched about their shirts not getting there within 24 hours of winning. It's free to enter, there is no spam, and you have a chance to win a free shirt. Pretty fucking sweet if you ask me. So enter now before you get drunk and forget. Hell, most of you probably drink on the job like myself so put down Grandpa's old cough medicine right now, slap yourself a couple of times, and enter those picks. Last year I believe we had over 125 people in the pool. This year I want to at least double that number so tell friends and family about it.

And in case you were wondering the Grand Prize winner at the end of the year gets one night with Kelly Brook...

I promised her family I would release her shortly after December 10th. I know, I'm such an angel.

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