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Monday, September 21, 2009


I could watch this all day. Thank freaking God Notre Dame finally beat Michigan State on their home field. It's amazing to think that this was their first win against Michigan State at Notre Dame Stadium since 1993. 1993 was the last year Notre Dame actually contended for a National Title. Losing Michael Floyd for the year due to a broken collarbone hurts real bad because he was the best wide receiver in college football but at least Notre Dame still has playmakers at the position like Golden Tate. This was the winning touchdown pass from Jimmy Clausen. I dare somebody to find a better pass delivered on Saturday. Perfect throw delivered from the football Gods to a streaking Golden and then moments later Notre Dame finally catches a break and Grand Theft Kyle McCarthy seals the victory with an interception (his 5th game in a row with at least one INT).

Notre Dame of course drops in the rankings because they are Notre Dame and because they lost Michael Floyd for the year. Notre Dame is the only team who can consistently drop in the rankings when they win. Weird how that works out. But a win is a win in my book and I will take it any day. Plus USC lost to a team who couldn't win a game last year. Now that is fucking funny.


AwesomeDawg said...

I find it amusing that you are so excited about Notre Dick's win over a medicore MSU team. I realize as a UGA fan that a win is a win, but take it for what is is worth. ND is now a mid tier football program, at best. I believe that the football gods are getting even with your beloved Fighting Irish for the George O'Leary deal. Talk about a perfect match: Irish Catholic coach at Notre Dick. With O'Leary you guys might actually be a good football progam these days.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

What is the O'Leary deal have to do with anything? He is the one who lied on his resume. You are right that ND has become a mediocre program thanks to Davie and Willingham. I think one of the main problems with the program was the recruiting was not good for a while and they don't take JUCO transfers like the Georgias and other elite programs. With that being said this team could easily be 3-0 right now and they still have a chance to go 11-1 if they cam get their defense (same with UGA) straightened out.

AwesomeDawg said...

My O'Leary point is simply this: ND and O'Leary were a match made in heaven. The Irish cut all ties with him (I am sure that there was more to it than just the resume issue, but I do not follow the program as closely as you) very quickly. He is a very good college HC and would have recruited very well at ND (in my opinion). I think that move really set the program back, in addition to the most recent hires. I think ND would be scary good had O'Leary stayed. That's all.

Anonymous said...

If that was all you were trying to say, why were you such an asshole about it?