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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here is our brand new THE GREEN MACHINE 8 shirt. We have had a ton of requests for this shirt to be made so I expect them to sell like crazy. Crazy like band boy ass crazy. If anybody is offended by this shirt or has a problem with it (Sierra Club, hippies, etc.) then you can email me at

I say this because today I was informed by a guy who runs a website that we paid to advertise on that he would no longer be doing business together because he was offended by our shirts such as the Ginas and the Gaytors shirts. I'm going to say this again, our shirts are all meant to be in good humor. If you find them offensive well then I am sorry. But you can get your liberal ass out of here if you think I am going to stop selling these shirts because your panties got a little wet when you saw one of our fucking shirts.

So in conclusion, free speech wins baby! God bless America and don't ever expect to see any PC shit here. Hoorah!


Anonymous said...

F the left wing cock sacks!

Justin said...

fuck political corectness

plastic paddy said...

God Damn Dick Knuckles!

Big D said...

I do enjoy the site that you mentioned, which is run by a left-wing pinko commie liberal twit. Hey, to each his own.

To support you and your refusal to be bullied by the left wing crazies, I commit to make a series of purchases.

But first, what does the Green Machine 8 shirt mean?

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Yep, to each their own.

The Green Machine is going up against this guy on Saturday..

Sam said...

how is this racist

Anonymous said...

No one said it was racist. I think he was referring to offending peeps in the Sierra Club and/or hippies playing off "green" being the new left wing buzzword to try to save the environment. Not sure how that works exactly since global warming doesn't even exist and I wish Al Gore didn't either.

Anonymous said...

You're fucking retarded if you think Global warming doesn't exist. Thousands of scientist around the world in countries that don't even know what the fuck liberal and conservative are agree that it does.

And it's fucking stupid to get pissed about New Jersey Ginas that shit is just funny.

Anonymous said...

And plenty of other scientists have disproved Al Gores bullshit as well as other scientists. It's all a ploy to get our tax dollars...i.e., cap and trade dip shit