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Monday, September 28, 2009


Florida QB Tim Tebow may be the Ultimate QB but even he can't take hits like this and survive for much longer. Tebow was helped off the field after being knocked unconscious and was taken to a hospital with an obvious severe case of a concussion. He was seen blowing chunks into a feedbag as they were carting him off the field Saturday night in Lexington. Now I am no doctor by any means and I have not stayed at a Holiday Inn Express but I would believe with a severe case of head trauma this bad Tebow is going to have to miss some time granted the Gators have an off week before they face LSU. If the University of Florida and head coach Urban Meyer have the best interest of the student-athlete here and his well being there is no way he should be allowed to play against LSU in 12 days. Concussions are like black outs for all the fellow drunks out there. You don't remember what happened, you throw up, and your body and more importantly your head need time to recover from the traumatic episode. So essentially Tebow is a recovering alcoholic right now. It's in his best interests to stay away from the sauce in this case we will call football and let his brain recover before going at it again. Or he could just jump right off the wagon and go at it like all of us idiots on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Brain cells are overrated anyways.

In all honesty the Gators should make Tebow sit down for at least a month. They have enough depth and talent to beat anybody on their schedule. Hell, they won a National Championship with Chris Leak as their quarterback. The spread offense that Urban Meyer has installed since arriving in Gainesville has not been stopped by even the best of SEC defenses. Meyer is considered one of the top coaches in college football and should be able to figure out a way to win without Tim Tebow. Their defense is incredibly fast and ferocious this year so all it takes is a QB who is going to lead them to at least 2 TD's a game. I think the Brantley kid can handle it.

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