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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Congratulations go out to jefftcarver who went 13-3 in his College Football Pick Em points and amassed the most points with 119, narrowly defeating notre damian and rmkdhk whom both scored 118. It looked like I did pretty shitty the first week finishing 35th. I shouldn't have ever picked Rutgers or put so many points on Oklahoma. Fucking Sam Bradford and his shoulder. Anywho, jefftcarver wins a free Sportscrack shirt or mini helmet of his choosing. Be sure to email me jeff whenever you get the chance.

Make sure you guys and gals go ahead and put in your picks for this week. Every week somebody will be a winner. If you haven't signed up it's not too late to join. Just go to, click on the JOIN A POOL link at the top, click on the College Football Pick Em from the drop down menu, the pool name is (make sure you type it in exactly like this with the S capitalized), don't worry about the password, and make your selections.

And by the way the picture above is Kelly Brook from the GQ Awards which you can view over at Why is she up there you ask? Because it just doesn't matter, that's why!

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jefftcarver said...

F'ing sweet!! I guess I can stop buying lotto tickets now since this was my once in a life time win. Thanks Sportscrack, you've made all my dreams come true.