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Friday, September 04, 2009


Holy shit! I hope the rest of the college football season is much better than that shit I watched last night. Both the South Carolina-NC State and Oregon-Boise State games were a collective monkey fucking a wet football classics. The only "entertainment" came at the conclusion of the Boise State 19-8 win over Oregon when the Duck's RB Legarrette Blount decided to go batshit crazy after sucker punching Boise State's Byron Hout. This was the perfect ending to a horrific game. Oregon looked gawd awful and all those fans of Jeremiah Masoli who kept emailing me about how this kid was going to be a Heisman contender should keep eating their Coco Puffs. Masoli was terrible. Actually everybody playing on the blue turf in Boise didn't deserve their scholly. But getting back to Blount, who had 17 TD's last season, is going to be suspended for at least 6 games. Hell, he might get kicked off the team. He brought back memories of Ron Artest going after fans and that surely is not going to keep you on the field of play.

When security and police have to "escort" you off the field you know that you are going to a world of hurt...

Oregon coach Chip Kelly should suspend if not completely kick off Blount. There is no excuse to act the way he did. Kelly should also let Blount kick him straight in his manbags for that horrible game plan. The new coach turned the Ducks into a passing team when we all know they should have been able to run the ball over an undersized Boise State defense. Blount is crazy no doubt but Kelly is a dumbass for not running the ball and making myself look like a complete asshole for picking the Ducks as PAC-10 sleepers. For this Kelly deserves a swift kick in the junk. This can't be argued. Blount go bye-bye for at least 6 games if not the whole season. Justice served.


ShamrockTA said...

Hahahaha, love the replaying video above.

The field is just terrible. Hard to watch.... looked like the fucking Snuggie blanketing that hell hole of Idaho.

Anonymous said...

I agree, but the problem is as you can see the guy on Boise st obviously pushed him and also called him something as you can see the head coach of Boise pushing him away before the situation even evolved. I think he should get another chance though because we all have our moments, and sometimes our emotions get to us.

Anonymous said...

Guess that guy on Boise St. shouldn't have talked trash to Blount. If people would learn to keep their mouth's shut they wouldn't get knocked out on TV.