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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Even right wing nutbags can laugh at this. Hell, I laughed and I have had to pay out of pocket over $15,000 to put metal plates and screws in my left leg when I shattered it 4 years ago. Oh yeah, it also did a great job of messing up my credit score all because I lost my job 2 months before my accident. Universal health care sounds like a great idea to me. How else is Charlie Weis going to be able to afford another botched gastric bypass surgery? Think about the overweight coaches people and show a little heart.


Anonymous said...

I would pay 15k for me to walk again. I don't want the government to rob me of 15k so somebody that doesn't work can walk again so that they can not work some more! I guess you should have paid for the COBRA! The video is not funny!!

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Wait a second, how does the government rob you of 15k? Explain it to me.

Anonymous said...

O.K., you caught me...I personally will not be paying all 15k of YOUR surgery, but I do pay taxes, which will pay the doctors to fix your leg. You do know what taxes are and where they come from or do I need to explain that to you also. Exactly who do you think should have to pay for YOUR broken leg?

Anonymous said...

I agree its not my fault or my responsibilty to pay for your injury because you foolish choose to play flag football without have any sort of medical coverage. It is a choice you made, and you should have to live with it.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Hey Anonymous, you seem to know a lot about me. Why don't you stop being a pussy and actually reveal yourself instead of hiding behind your computer?

And yes, I know what taxes are and I do pay them like everyone else. I would just hope that my tax dollars go to something worth while like schools, roads, and medical coverage for any individual who was born in our great country.

Sorry if I live in a world where I would like to help others who are less fortunate then myself. And oh yeah, if you really know me you would know that I paid for all 15K of my surgery by myself. I didn't ask for a hand me out but I can say to this day that it has affected my life because it messed up my credit score.

Please reveal yourself too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you and you don't know me. The last post was not mine.

I happened on your blog one day and have liked it minus the politic jabs, but that video is just too much.

Look, I am all for helping those that need help, but I am also a big believer in being responsible for your actions as well as enabling others. Take your situation for instance. You say you lost your job and then shattered your leg. Why did you not get the COBRA coverage? Did you at least work a part time job or two? What about your savings? How about your car/big screen tv/house? I am betting your life style did not change once you lost your job, however, you chose to not pay for medical coverage. And because you did not prepare financially, you expect me to pay for your leg while you sit at home? I don't get that. There are way too many people looking for handouts and having a million excuses why they need them. I have been in bad situations before and am much better for getting through them rather then sitting there with my hand held out.

My own family represents what is good and bad with this country. I have worked very hard to get to where I am today while my brother worked in my dads business until it closed and He kept it open at least 2 years longer than he should have just to keep my brother employed. Instead of my brother taking the opportunity during the slow time to go to school or or learn a trade, he coasted, taking weeks and weeks of vaction and having a good time. Now he is out of job and am I supposed to feel sorry for him? I guess I should help him because he was born in this country? My sister is in a similar situation. She has a good job, but married someone with no ambition other than working 20 hours a week at a restaurant, getting high and going to Buffalo Bills games. But my sister gets knocked up and she needs government assistance... again for those that don't undersatnd this means taxes, which I and most hard working people pay. Hell, I would love to only have to work 20 hours a week, but I have too many responsibilities.

I beleive in helping others also and donate a lot of money and time to charities. Unlike you, I believe that helping others should be a choice and not forced upon me by a government. I beleive the value of hard work is lost. I beleive that responsibility is not being taught to children. I beleive there are some problems with the current medical insurance system, they just apparently are not the same problems that you perceive.

I could go on and on, but I do not beleive I would get through to you.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

The injury happened to myself in between jobs. I was about to start another job with full coverage so I figured I would be safe without insurance for two weeks. I was wrong. The insurance companies don't cover preexisting conditions, hence why I had to pay it out of pocket. I didn't make dick for money before I started my own business. The reason why Sportscrack blew up was because of the injury. I sat at my apartment for 4 months during football season creating the website. It worked out. Like most people I lived paycheck to paycheck. I pay my bills, paid for rent, car payments, insurance, etc. I didn't have 15K just laying around to avoid the credit crunch.

Sorry to hear about your brother. He may be lazy and whatever but I still think he deserves medical insurance. Everybody deserves it in my opinion just like everybody deserves the right to representation if they go to court.

But whatever, I'm an idiot for letting my medical coverage expire.