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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


According to The Big Lead the thing on the left has a name of Brooke Hundley, an ESPN employee who Steve Phillips was fucking on the side and what has ultimately cost him his marriage and job.

I knew Phillips was a bad ex-GM for the New York Mets but seriously dude, how the fuck do you pick that? The guy is going to loss hundreds of thousands of dollars in divorce because he wanted to go hogging. Don't get me wrong, hogging is a national past time for slumping ball players and/or Spring Break in Panama City but Phillips managed to pick out the worst one ever.

Apparently the "girl" had sex with Phillips three times which he has admitted to and can even identify some birthmarks around his cock and balls. She pulled a Fatal Attraction by showing up to his house and revealing the porking to Phillip's wife. His wife would probably just wished he fucked some random guys in park bathrooms instead of fucking Rosie O'Donnell's little sister.


plastic paddy said...

oh god, what a fucking Dick Knuckle that one is.

Anonymous said...

I am both speechless and gagging.

Anonymous said...

see this shit is funny...stay away from your slanted delusional ND lose all credibility with your bullshit claims...stick to ripping on fatties like this...that is all - anonymous

Anonymous said...

Man, this makes Monica Lewinski look like Miss America. Not even Stevie Wonder would hit that shit, so why in the heck is Stevie Phillips....i just threw up in my mouf a bit.