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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


No it's not breaking news and no he isn't literally putting a black eye on the Notre Dame football program. I just wanted to write the headline for shits and giggles. I actually feel bad for Jimmy Clausen. People shit on him for the way he committed to Notre Dame at the College Football Hall of Fame but ever since then he has gone out of his way to prove he is worth the hype. The only person who didn't live up to their enormous overrated hype was Charlie Weis. It baffles me with the amount of elite talent that Notre Dame possesses on the offensive side of the ball that the Fighting Irish rank 45th in scoring offense. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Clausen has had a Heisman like year in terms of stats and comeback wins and yet if he loses this week at Stanford he will have a 16-18 record at Notre Dame as the starting quarterback. And to think Charlie Weis thinks Jimmy "may be the greatest player in Notre Dame history" according to John Walters and you can see why Weis is mostly talk with little substance. It wasn't Jimmy's fault that Weis made all these promises and didn't deliver. Maybe the fan was just sending a message to Weis through Clausen. Shameful to say the least. I'm going to be in Stanford this Saturday for the game. I will be cheering my ass off one final time for head coach Charlie Weis and the boys like I always do but I can honestly say that I can not wait to see Weis and Clausen in the NFL next year. It's time for their era to end and a new coach with a plan to bring optimism back into the program.

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