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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


This is actually a brilliant commercial for Reebok on so many levels. The first level is appealing to men of course. We like to look at asses, it's in our DNA. The second level is it appeals to women because no matter what they say all women are jealous of other women with nice rears. It's on par with guys being jealous of Peter North or John Holmes. The third level is as a marketing tool for Reebok. In our ultra conservative minds this type of commercial can be seen as extremely sexual or controversial. Anything that is sexy or controversial usually sells.

With that being said they should have picked Kim Kardashian as the model. Seriously. Everybody in the free world would know what a Reebok Easytone is by now if her rump was selling them.

Via WithLeather via HotClicks


Anonymous said...

"all women are jealous of women with nice rears" Get real. I'm raising 3 confident, ambitious, self directed daughters (who loath men like you who think like that) to become contributing members of society not based on their rear ends. It's obvious you don't have daughters of your own as you lower yourself to convey these degrading remarks about women. You need a revamp of your brain.

Anonymous said... you're raising lesbos

Anonymous said...

to become contributing members of society not based on their rear ends....I guess that means fat butts?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the classify themselves as BBW?