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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oakland A's GM Billy Beane is known for his Moneyball philosophy which in general terms is finding bargain price players who have good OPS and WHIP stats. Not pitchers who are coming off elbow surgery. The A's signed former Brewer's ace Ben Sheets today to a one year contract for $10 million plus incentives when it appeared no other team was willing to go above 5-6 million for him in base. Granted I know the A's wanted a veteran starter to help bridge the gap to their young guys Brett Anderson, Dallas Braden, Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill but it seems like they way overpaid for a starter who has had durability concerns all of his career. So what the fuck is Beane thinking on this one? Unless Sheets catches magic in a bottle there is no way he is going to pitch worthy of $10 million even if it's just a one year gamble. Seems like Beane is getting desperate out there in Oakland with the Mariners greatly improved and the Angels and Rangers both legitimate playoff contenders in 2010.


Thad Ryan said...

beane is hoping for a great first half so he can flip him for prospects. even if he does shitty he only has him for one year.

Anonymous said...
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Matt Fairchild ( said...

We will see Thad. Coming off a serious injury I'm not expecting much from Sheets this season.