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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Continuing the tradition and stealing another recruit at the last moment seems to be Lane Kiffin's m.o. I wish Seantrel nothing but sanctions and losses in South Central.

/bitter ND fan.


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha not even a top ten class by anyones books for your savior brian kelly...hes a fucking fugazi just like the whole notre dame program...trojans reload again and will continue to dominate ur bitch ass school

Anonymous said...

Southern Cal still hasn't eclipsed our win streak against them through the 80s-90s. And it will be hard to do that without a full allotment of scholarships.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

It's good to see the douchebag anonymous is back to defend his stinkin Trojans.

Here is a good quote from for ya-
"Henderson didn't sign a letter of intent, however, and should USC get major penalties from the NCAA he could reopen his recruitment."

February 19-21st is when USC meets with the NCAA to be punished. Henderson is awaiting to see how severe so I wouldn't go bragging since your team might not even get him now.

Anonymous said...

A lot of talk after a shit season too. I will enjoy the slow slide of USC more than any I have witnessed.

BTW, the tits on the afternoon flash are legendary. 5 stars from Scout.