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Monday, February 08, 2010


Congratulations go out to the New Orleans Saints and their fans (the real ones from the Bayou, not the bandwagon ones) on their first Super Bowl victory last night over the Indianapolis Colts. The Saints dominated the game after the first quarter and deserved to win thanks to an almost perfect performance from Drew Brees who won the Super Bowl MVP (33 for 39 with a spike and a dropped pass) and had a great moment with his newborn son. Cornerback Tracy Porter sealed the victory last night with this electric pick 6 when he jumped the route and made Manning look like a choke artist again. The game for the most part lived up to the hype and minus the INT Manning and Brees had a classic duel that should go down in history.

Now that football season is over can we petition to have this game on Saturday night now? I know the tradition is to have it on Sundays but I think for most people who work it's awfully tough to get up on the following Monday after partying with your friends and family all night. Saturday night would be perfect. The parties would be crazy and I bet the ratings would be about the same if not better. Just a thought as I try to shake out this Super Bowl hangover.

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