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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Big Lead has this great locker room speech from former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach after his Red Raiders team played Baylor. I love how he addresses some of the players who feel like they are entitled to something just because they won in the past. I would love to play for Mike Leach. He doesn't settle for average. He requests 100% all the time and if you are Craig James son then you can sit your ass in a fucking closet and suck your thumb till Daddy comes to the rescue. Some Athletic Director needs to hire this guy asap. Leach made Texas Tech a winner. The Red Raiders were fucking awful before Leach started throwing F bombs at players. I hope somebody in the PAC 10 grabs him so he can lay it on FUSC every year.

I hope Brian Kelly brings this type of attitude to Notre Dame. Too many players on ND's squad think they have some type of entitlement because they wear the blue and gold on Saturdays. Bull shit. You gotta earn your jersey and my sincere hope is Brian Kelly completely rips apart the team in Spring practice and makes them bleed to earn the right to wear a jersey and run out of that tunnel with passion.

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