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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Just when you think you can't get enough of J-Hey hype this spring none other than Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci throws some more gasoline on the fire as Heyward is his #1 reason he is looking forward to this MLB season...

“The Braves’ right fielder created the most spring training buzz since Albert Pujols tore up Cardinals camp in 2001. Which would you rather have when it comes to the NL Rookie of the Year Award: Heyward or the field? I’m not taking the field, not even a field that includes Strasburg and Chapman. Heyward seems like a lock for 20 home runs. Not so impressed by that number? The dude is 20 years old. Only 13 players have ever hit 20 homers at or before their age 20 season, and that includes only two 20/20 Club members in the past 31 years: a couple of guys named Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez.Forget the Fred McGriff comparisons; Heyward is far more athletic. Forget the Willie McCovey comparisons; McCovey was only a .270 career hitter. Forget the Willie Stargell comparisons; Stargell never walked even 90 times. Just let Heyward be who he will be, and enjoy a very unique player.”

Just from listening and reading the scouting reports on Heyward I think the player I would compare him to is Frank Thomas. Basically he sounds like the left handed version of The Big Hurt. Big athletic guy who resembles more football player than baseball and who has a great eye for the strike zone. I don't expect Heyward to be a 40 home run a season guy but I think he can be a consistent 25-35 home runs a year with an OBP of .400 plus. Future Hall of Famer in my mind. As Bobby Cox would say: "Go get em Kid!"

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