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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Just another game and another walk off double for The J-Hey Kid. No big deal with a game of 2 doubles and a triple. Just continues to play hero on a team that desperately needs him to be clutch every time he comes to bat. Heyward is so fucking money they should just hand him the Rookie of the Year Award along with the key to the city now.

The Bravos would easily be 5 to 6 games below .500 right now if Heyward was picking his nose in the minors. Instead he leads the team in OPS, RBI's, Slugging Percentage, and bitches who want to get on his nuts. Sorry Chipper and McCann but this is now The J-Hey Kid's team. 20 years old and already he has Albert Pujols nervous about stealing away his MVP Awards.

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