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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Guys are really simple when it comes to what we like to look at and Playboy has been cashing in for over 50 years. The articles are what sell the magazine right? I love to see the reactions of the 3-D pictorial of centerfold Hope Dworaczyk. It's like they have never seen boobs in real life. "Woah, they look real!" "Daddy likey!" "I got get me some of that!" "I would so drug her and put her in my cellar!" are a just a few of the random things I heard in this video. Great job by Hugh Hefner to change it up this year. This should help sell a couple hundred more copies.

Oh and in case you are wondering how this is sports related well Hope use to "date" Jason Kidd. Supposedly they were dating back when Kidd was still married. Which gives me reason to post these pictures...

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