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Friday, June 11, 2010


June 10th and the 11th of the year 2010 are going to go down as the days the college football landscape was shaken to it's core. First Nebraska started by leaving the Big 12 to join the Big Ten. Then Colorado left the Big 12 to join the PAC-10. And today ESPN has reported Boise State has left the WAC to join the Mountain West Conference which is quickly becoming more powerful then the Big East and the ACC in terms of football programs.

The Boise State Broncos now join TCU, Utah, Brigham Young, Air Force, Wyoming, UNLV, San Diego State, New Mexico and Colorado State in the Mountain West Conference who could look to join the BCS discussion for conference affiliation. The Broncos are BCS busters twice as well as Utah and even TCU made a BCS Bowl game last year. This conference to me looks more top heavy than both the Big East and ACC and soon to be obsolete Big 12 conferences.

The Broncos have gone 49-4 under coach Chris Petersen and essentially earned the right to move up and make more money in a better conference. The WAC Conference hasn't sued anybody and handled it like a human being. A lesson could be learned by this.

Personally I had hoped the PAC-10 would find a way to include Boise State but I think this is a great move for the Broncos and the Mountain West Conference. They should look to expand to 12 more teams and add Kansas and Kansas State if they are in fact going to be left out after the Big 12 implodes. Kansas has been solid in football and even made a BCS appearance. We all know about the basketball program which is one of the founding fathers of the college sport. And the Wildcats are a top 10 program in basketball and their football program was solid when Bill Snyder was roaming the sidelines.

So now the question is what, when, and where is the next domino to fall for conference realignment. Will Texas go to the Big Ten or the Pac-10? Will Oklahoma go to the Pac-10 or the SEC? Will Notre Dame finally accept an open invitation to the Big Ten? All of these questions and many more should be answered within the next couple of months if not days.

God I can't wait till college football starts.

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