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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Holy shit I get it ESPN! The kid is the greatest thing to hit the majors since Jason Heyward, Tommy Hanson, Mark Prior, and Ben McDonald combined. I don't give a shit! Let him pitch a fucking game before you start calling him Jesus (which has been trademarked by Strasburg's attorney no doubt). Listen, I think he is going to be good. But right now he isn't Ubaldo Jimenez. That is the guy you should be doing specials on. He has been lights out all year in the MAJORS. Not minor league ball.

Stephen Strasburg may be the greatest thing since Jimenez or Lincecum or Greinke or whatever but can we please wait and see what he does against the lowly Pirates before putting him on a pedestal? I admit I get a little caught up in these prospects. As you know I got caught up with some kid who hammers pitches out of the ballpark with their first swing. And guess what that got me? Well you know what it is because I'm afraid to even mention his name without being served.

Will you be watching Strasburg pitch tonight? I love baseball so I most certainly will but I'm doubting 90% of the rest of the country even knows who he is. They think it's a German town. Hell Hitler didn't get this much coverage.

But then again he can't throw 103 mph.


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