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Friday, July 23, 2010


If you have been wondering why haven't written much about the Orioles this season it is because they suck so bad it's not even worth mentioning. The Orioles have only won 30 games all season thanks to a horrible lineup that has been minus 2B Brian Roberts all season and one in which the Switch hitting Jesus known as Matt Wieters has looked like he has been nailed to the cross since leaving the minors. The pitching has been awful. Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta, and Chris Tillman were suppose to be the next great cavalry of starting pitchers and all of them have struggled in the rough AL East. The season has been so bad that I am actually shocked when the Orioles are winning. At any point in the game.

Anyways, they haven't been worth mentioning until yesterday. Ty Wigginton helped his trade stock by going ape shit on the umpire and for good reason. The runner was clearly out. Pitching coach Rich Kranitz was ejected shortly after for arguing with the blues and then interim manager Juan Samuel went ballistic on the home umpire. Finally. They look like they actually care. Granted the Orioles still got shut out by Tom Selleck...I mean Carl Pavano, but they showed some heart out there and the crowd fed off it.

Unfortunately nothing is going to change the losing culture in Camden Yards until Peter Angelos sells the team. Angelos is no Steinbrenner. He's cheap. He's a piece of shit lawyer. And he pockets most of his money (granted he does give to charity). The losing will continue until he either gives up on life (and then they will probably go to his sons) or he decides to sell the team to someone who actually wants to invest in the product on the field. The team sucks in so many ways it's hard to just point out one thing. The scouting is awful. They need a lot more scouts who actually know what they are doing. The international signings are almost nonexistent. They need to bump up their presence in the Latin Countries like Dominican Republic and Venezuela. They also need to develop their minor league talent....badly. They also need to expand the payroll to around $120 million. The fans will come if you put a decent product on the field. Baltimore used to sell out every game when they rolling in the 90's. Now nobody will buy a ticket because the product on the field is shit.

Sell the team Angelos and the fans will come.

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