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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Via Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Enquirer...

Source: Oswalt has accepted deal. Astros waiting to hear back from Phillies. Happ and Gose part of package.
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Matt Gelb

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. OH YEAH...FUCK! The Philadelphia Phillies just sent a very loud and clear message to the Atlanta Braves and the rest of the National League that they will not go quietly into the night. They intend to fight for a playoff spot till the very end. Riding a 7 game winning streak which has gotten them within 3.5 games of the Atlanta Braves and only a 1.5 of the Wildcard, acquiring Roy Oswalt is very similar to what they got last season in Cliff Lee. Oswalt is a money pitcher. His win-loss record maybe awful this year but that is more of a product of a bad team in the Astros. The guy can still put up great WHIP numbers and his ERA is still a very respectable mid 3's.

Now you have a rotation of Doc, Oswalt, and pretty boy Cole Hamels which come playoff time could be the best in the majors. Oswalt makes a shitload of money and the Phillies did have to give up promising starter J.A Happ and outfield prospect Anthony Gose. But then again Oswalt could be the difference in a playoff berth. Right now this looks like an excellent trade for the Phillies. They have the opportunity to pick up Oswalt's option for next year too if he pitches great down the stretch or they can deny the option and pick up draft picks. Very smart trade for the Phillies.

Now the question is do the Braves have an equal reaction on the trade front? I say bring up Freddie Freeman from AAA Gwinnett and put Troy Glaus on the disabled list to give him some rest and see what happens. Just a thought.

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