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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's time for the 9-7 Falcons to "Rise Up?" Ok. I actually don't mind the commercial as much as the whole "Rise Up" theme. They probably paid Samuel Jackson a cool million to do the commercial so they might as well make it exciting. Something that makes you feel like you are at a football game and not in church singing hymns. And where the fuck are the Matty Ice shirts? Those shirts alone get people jacked up for some Falcon's football. But no, not one Matty Ice shirt. They should have had Jackson playing Jules and Freddie the Falcon dressed up as Vincent Vega. Now that shit would have been cool. They could have reenacted scenes from Pulp Fiction and just replaced some of the characters with the mascots from the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Bucanneers and Drew Brees birthmark/mole. The hamburger scene would have been perfect.

No worries though. The Falcons are winning the NFC South. The Saints will slip this year. Brees is too busy selling Pyramid schemes to those poor souls in New Orleans to realize Matt Ryan and the Falcons have reloaded. The offense will of course score a ton of points but the key is the defense. It should be greatly improved with new additions DL Peria Jerry, LB Sean Weatherspoon, and CB Dunta Robinson all destroying opponents. Falcons go 12-4, maybe 13-3.

Playoffs baby. Playoffs.

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The Balls said...

Pretty slick prediction, Matt. I'm heading to Vegas in March - you busy?