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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slive to Kiffin... kind of

Am I the only one who caught SEC Commissioner, Mike Slive's comments (seemingly) regarding Lame Kiffin? Check out ESPN's Chris Low and his SEC Blog regarding what Slive had to say on Day 1 of the SEC Media Days.

HOOVER, Ala. -- It took SEC commissioner Mike Slive less than five minutes to take a back-handed jab at former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin on Wednesday.

It’s no secret in SEC circles that Slive was glad to see Kiffin leave the conference and bolt for Southern California, especially given the way Kiffin ran through secondary violations and kept it stirred up in the league.

In his opening comments to kick off the SEC media days, Slive welcomed the three new coaches to the league. And though he never mentioned Lane Kiffin by name, Slive did make reference to Dooley’s “predecessor leaving to return to his western roots.”

“I want to welcome Derek Dooley, and when I say welcome, I mean welcome,” said Slive, who drew a course of laughter from the media members in the main ballroom.
Unlike Slive, I personally will miss the chance to see you try and try again, yet fail repeatedly in the SEC. I do wish Derek Dooley success, but seeing a Dooley in anything other than Red and Black seems simply absurd!

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