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Monday, August 09, 2010


Axis Magazine got permission from George O'Leary and the University of Central Florida to do a photo shoot of Playboy Playmate Shanna Marie McLaughlin in the locker room. Fanfuckingtastic. Some people think it's highly controversial to have an UCF alum in Shanna doing bikini poses in the player's locker room and to those people all I want to say is FUCK OFF. We live in America. Football and TNA go together like baseball players and PEDs. I'm sure now somebody will be fired and there will be some big political correctness uproar at Central Florida over something that is FUCKING AWESOME. You can take your Totalitarianism ideology and shove it up your ass.

Oh, and by the way I might have just become Central Florida's #1 fan. Sorry for the yelling. It's Monday and I'm a little high strung today.

Link HT: Extra Mustard

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McPeters said...

Yea... LOVING this one... I think this magazine cover will cause more divorce and more working adults going back to school than our shitty economy. Taking all bets!!! lol