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Monday, August 16, 2010

Pitching Jesus, I mean Stephen Strasburg, calls out Bryce Harper

Hi pot, I'm kettle, you're black...

Here's some food for thought, in an article written by the Associated Press and released on ESPN today, Stephen Strasburg had the balls to call out Bryce Harper for not signing. And I quote:

"If [Harper] wants to play here, he's going to play here," Strasburg said Sunday, after pitching five innings in the Nationals' win over Arizona. "He doesn't need advice from anybody to convince him otherwise. If he doesn't want to play here, then we don't want him here."
Really?!? Is this some kind of a joke? The same kid who held out for a record $15.1 million dollar contract literally SECONDS before midnight on the signing day deadline has room to call out ANYONE on signing day for holding out? Both of them are represented by Scott Boras, who you would think has the brains to shut one of his clients up in the interest of both of them getting more money in the end. Strasburg has pitched in the majors for all of 2 1/2 months and he is the one from the Nationals calling out Harper? Where is Ryan Zimmerman, the apparent clubhouse leader? How does Strasburg entertain the idea that he has earned the right to call out anyone?

For the record, I agree with Strasburg's comments, I just can't see how someone who did the same exact thing a year ago today can justify "pointing fingers" at anyone for holding out and weighing his options for the possibility of being drafted next year by a different team. Maybe the 17 year old Harper wants to develop a little more, maybe he isn't ready, maybe he enjoys college, or maybe this is just one more scam to get Strasburg and Harper's names in the press to further push for the ROY (Rookie of the Year for the baseball illiterate) award for both this year and next year considering Harper has apparently already locked up the ROY, Triple Crown, Gold Glove, and Batting Title for 2011. Who knows, but man, Strasburg must have balls the size of his 100 MPH fastball. I bet they don't even make a cup big enough for that guy.

Personally, I think he should just transfer to UGA and play a couple of years. We could use a National Championship in baseball and apparently Harper is a one man team. In fairness, the kid is an absolute STUD (please excuse the man crush). After all, we do have the number 1 rated party school in the country and Harper is only 17 years old. Seems like a good fit to me!

Check out the full Associated Press Article posted on ESPN here.

PS... Keep it classy kiddos and root for the Bravos tonight. Hanson vs. Billingsley, 7:10 ET at the Ted. Should be a great game!


Matt Fairchild ( said...

Mark Prior, I mean Strasburg, needs to shut his pie hole. He did the same exact shit last year as you mentioned. Harper will sign. It's not as if the Nationals are in a pennant race and Harper is the key to them getting over the top. The kid is 17 years old.

Matt Fairchild ( said...
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