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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The BYU Cougars have announced their independence! Today they revealed to the college football world that they have signed an 8 year deal with ESPN to televise their home games and also announced a 6 year deal with Notre Dame to start a holy war to end all holy wars!!!!! Oh it's fucking on Mormons!

BYU has entered into an eight-year partnership with ESPN to televise every home football game, it was announced Wednesday.

At a press conference announcing the independence of their football program, the Cougars also announced a six-game series with Notre Dame that will run through 2020.

BYU president Cecil Samuelson said, “We are convinced we are taking major positive steps forward.”

BYU is leaving the Mountain West Conference for two reasons, according to athletic director Tom Holmoe.

“It comes down to two pillars,” he said. “Access and exposure. ... Independence increases access to our games for fans everywhere and it increases the exposure of our student-athletes.”

I'm not positive who God would root for in this scenario but I'm pretty sure he would go Notre Dame because of Touchdown Jesus and the ability to drink soft drinks (plus Catholic girls are usually slutty). This series really does nothing for me as a Notre Dame fan. I don't hate it. I don't love it. It's just a whatever feeling. My strongest memory of the Catholics vs. Mormons game is Ty Willingham totally shitting the bed in the 2004 season opener. I've tried to block out most memories but I can still remember how violently angry I got when Willingham wouldn't put freshman Darius Walker in at tailback and insisted on running fucking Marcus Wilson and Travis Thomas. Oh what lovely memories those were.

BYU is getting a good deal out of this. They get more national exposure as an independent on ESPN then they would in the Mountain West Conference. They can also line up a pussy schedule if they so choose or go play the big boys. More of the same in the college football world. Less playoffs and more debate.

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