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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Look at those glistening adoring eyes. Those are Gator eyes ladies. He loves you so much that he could text you this beautiful sonnet at 12:22 A.M: "Time to Die [expletive] u and ur???"

See the heart wants what the heart wants for Gators WR Chris Rainey. If he can't have your love then nobody deserves it. Sounds plausible right? Oh wait, what he did was apparently "stalker"-ish according the Gainesville Po-Po and they locked him up. And now if you are head coach Urban Meyer you have to kick him off the team for at least a quarter right? I mean you can't start losing a player of Rainey's ability going into the Tennessee game. Morals and laws be damn. I got money on the Gators.

Hugs are in order. A simple apology and then a start this Saturday for Rainey will solve all of my problems... I mean the whole stalking crazy boyfriend act.

In other words Rainey is fucked. But that is just love man.

Pissed off mugshot via BaltimoreSun

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