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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


The Yankees are back in the playoffs because they have $200 million dollars. The Twins are in the playoffs again because they run a great organization that is reliant on good scouting and developing their talent. The Yankees just buy their way in every year and this year is no different.

Tonight we see a battle of lefties in Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia against comeback kid Francisco Liriano. Whoever wins tonight will win the series. The Yankees are 9-2 against the Twins in the ALDS having won all 3 series against them. This year could be different because the Yankees starting pitching is very suspect after big C.C. A.J. Burnett won't even pitch and Phil Hughes and Andy Pettitte have both struggled since the All-Star break. Unfortunately for the Twins they got Carl Pavano going in game 2 (Yanks fans remember him fondly) and then Brian Duensing going in game 3. So in other words the pitching matchups cancel each other out.

Both teams come in the series struggling of late. The Yankees have more power in their lineup with Mark Teixeira at 1B while the Twins will be without Justin Morneau. This I believe will be the big difference in the series. In a battle of wills the Yankees will get more pop out of their lineup with Alex Rodriguez producing at key times and Robinson Cano delivering as he did all season.

Prediction: Yankees in 5 (fuck em!)

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