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Friday, October 08, 2010

Brett Favre the new Tiger Woods??

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If you've been living in a cave the past few days I'd like to inform you that Brett Favre is back in the media spotlight. Can you believe it? This time I don't think he's too happy to have the publicity. I've provided the link above (just click on the title) if you want the full story of the "mini Favre" fiasco. Apparently Favre spent a great deal of time during his Jets tenure trying to get into the pants of buxom, Jenn Sterger. Sterger is that bombshell with the great big old titties from Florida State. She was known as the Florida State Cowgirl. She's hot as hell, and I'd probably send her cock shots of my dong, even though I'm married, but I would never send them if my cock was the size of old number 4. It seems that his number on his jersey matches his member in inches.

Anyway, what I want to know is, is this going to turn into a Tiger Woods type of scandal, where all sorts of ladies across the country claim they slept with Old Man Favre? I think so. I tell you what, if I was married and was a big time athlete, musician, whatever, I think I would get a divorce the first time I chose to be with another woman. Shit, maybe I'd just get a divorce before I played my first game or went on my first big tour. Get it out of the way. If you want to go bang every hot piece of ass you see, do it, just don't get married, or in Brett's case, don't stay married. You know that shit is going to get out to the media, especially if you are portrayed as a Mr. Nice guy who marries his High School sweetie, and sticks with her after all these years. In this digital age nothing is sacred, even gross cock shots sent via cell phone.

This could all be a hoax, but I HIGHLY doubt it. I would like your opinions on the matter. Also, cock jokes are welcome. No cock joke is too small. Ba dum dum.

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Jason said...

I heard a voice mail today that was definitely him. For some reason though, I think the media will cover for him and this will all go away quickly. I heard Kincaid (680 a.m. Atlanta) ask Chris Mortenson about it today and Chris almost pooped his pants. He would not touch it. David Pollack (790 a.m. Atlanta) denies it is him as well, although it is so obvious. I think the Farvre love makes it go away - quick.