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Monday, October 11, 2010


As you already know Braves rookie second baseman Brooks "Rawdog" Conrad has had a rather rough NLDS. His three errors yesterday helped along with Jason K-Ward and Bobby Cox's over-managing to hand pivotal game three over to the San Francisco Giants. So instead of berating Conrad and calling the J-K Kid a piece of excrement and questioning Cox taking out Kimbrel when nobody has hit the kid all fucking season I would rather present to you some options for second base tonight for the Atlanta Braves.

In picture form of course.

1)A Paperbag

2)Helen Keller

3)A blind squirrel

4)Chuck Knoblauch

5)Bill Buckner


McPeters said...

I vote for Matt Fairchild, Patrick Drennan, or Dale... Dale needs no last name to confirm the amazingness that is... hahah

McPeters said...

Hey, if we put Conrad on the DL for brain farts, can Mark Lemke come out of retirement?!?!?

Cheese-Whistle Mcstink said...

Ah Ha HA HA!! Great job. The pictures really help. I'm rooting for the blind squirrel.